What is Cryptokitties?



People from all over the world are spending crazy amounts of money on games. So far millions have been transacted when it comes to playing and acquiring online games. Launched by a San Francisco and Vancouver-based design studio AxiomZen, Cryptokitties is the latest fad in the games and cryptocurrency industries and soon tech in general. Cryptokitties is essentially comparable to other versions of games like the Pokémon cards, but it is based on crypto. According to the official website, it describes the game as “a game centered around breedable, collectible and oh-so-adorable creatures we call cryptokitties”.

Why is cryptokitties a big deal?

There are many games that can be played only, cryptokitties is one of them. However, what makes it different from other games online in the fact that it is world’s first games built on the blockchain technology. It has the same breakthrough as Ethereum and Bitcoin. ETH and BTC are considered cryptocurrencies but cryptokitties are crypto collectibles which mean you can buy, sell and trade them, like other traditional collectibles, but with advantages of breeding cryptokitties to create new, genetically unique offspring.

How to play

In reality, cryptokitties is a digital good trading game built on the Ethereum technology. It allows anyone to trade, purchase and breed digital kittens. The game is straightforward. You buy a digital kitten and use it to breed other kittens. Once you have the digital kitten, it becomes entirely yours because of the nature of the blockchain technology. The game is taking the work by storm since it allows people to earn a fair amount of money.

Cryptokitties visual features

Another thing that makes cryptokitties different from other games is its visual features called traits. Some of the traits used are rarer than the other. Naturally, most people are trying to rare cats because they can be very expensive. A particular cat can be sold for hundred thousand or more, so far the total kitten sold amount to millions of dollars. The game requires only the ETH currency or Ether.

In cryptokitties, users are able to collect and breed adorable creature with a unique genome that defines each kitten trait and appearance. Each player can breed kitties to create new furry friends and at the same time unlock rare attributes. Each kitty once bred is one of its kind with its unique features and own by a player. It can never be replicated, destroyed or taken away.



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