What is Cryptofarm?


Are you seeking the largest mining farm that uses modern technologies in mining cryptocurrencies, Cryptofarm is the cryptocurrencies for you? CRYPTOFARM is a project of the world’s largest mining farm in Russia. The farm is located in Irkutsk Region in Moscow Russia. Since Irkutsk has the lowest electricity tariff in Russia and has the suitable climate conditions coupled with low cost, it makes the region best for the Cryptofarm. The project is very profitable and cost-effective because of where it is located.

The Cryptofarm team

The Cryptofarm team comprises of investors and executives who oversee the success and functions of the projects. The team comprises of Alexander Zabrodov who is the headmaster, Vladimir Shchurin the technical specialist and miner, Dmitry Matskevich, technical specialist and a miner also and Sergey Smirnov, an engineer, and Wang Chen, a specialist in mining equipment. Every team member has special skills and ideas that help in the growth and development of the project.

What kind of digital currencies are mined on Cryptofarm?

Cryptofarm mines various kinds of digital currencies including bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. In the process of working, they will consider mining other digital coins such as the altcoins.

Equipment for mining

The equipment used for mining at the cryptofarm projects is a secret. However, the team assures consumers that they use the most modern and modifies equipment’s to increase the service life. The installation of the equipment is done in order according to the request of miners.

The token sale and the ICO

The Crypto farm using a token known as the CRF tokens. It is comparable to one US dollar. The most recently ICO was the PreIco that started on August 22, 2017, and lasted for 30 calendar days. The ICO is planned to happen a month after the end of the PreICO. During the period the full description and characteristics of the project will be compiled and documentation developed.

The preICO phase, CRF tokens were sold at 50 cents each. When an investor buys two bitcoins or four Etherium they receive another 50% of the tokens as a bonus. During the ICO, the price of one CRF token will be 1 US dollar and there is no limit to the number of CRF you can purchase.

Cryptofarm is planning to be popular in the next coming years. The preICO was used to help them understand investors’ interest and now they are investing in a premise from the farm modernization.

The project is no longer live

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