What is Crypto Apartment?

Crypto Apartment (CAA)


In Germany, there has been an acute shortage of housing, especially in urban areas. The problem has been there even before the refugee cirri’s that started in 2015. To solve the problems, many companies have turned to various methods, but one company has turned to cryptocurrency in a bid to solve the problem. Crypto apartment is the first ever crowdfunding residential building platform that builds real houses. The Crypto apartment’s project is a residential solution in Germany that solves housing shortages in the country.

The App and Web Portal

The main aim of Crypto Apartments is to establish an ecosystem that integrates services like property management, housing construction, rental services and janitor services. Also, the project aims at establishing an App and a web platform where tenants can pay rents using either cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH or using bank transfers. Users can edit and manage their rental contract on the platform and App. The buildings built by the Crypto Apartment meet all the regulations and requirements of the German guideline for new buildings.

Users can use the App and Web portal to perform functions such as:

  • Rent contract changes
  • Live Webcam Entry
  • Bill payment with Cryptocurrencies
  • Keyless Door Entry
  • Apartment contract canceling
  • Emergency services
  • Janitor call

The app is available on Google Play store, App store and windows store

Crypto apartment token

The Crypto Apartment token (CAA) is used for exchanges and other transaction on the platform, including paying for rent and managing your rent and account. All token holder has a right to receive up to 30% in profits except founder accounts. Founder accounts don’t get any percentage of the profit share. The company will reinvest around 20% of the profits to build more building to accommodate more tenants and increase the overall profits. The profit increases so does the token holder earnings, it increases too. The CAA token will not be registered under the US securities act and may not be sold in the US or for the benefit of any US person.

The crypto Apartment team

Crypto Apartment project has a team of experienced personals in the team. Hannes Uhlmann is the founder and the CEO of the project, Benjamin Schnelder is a blockchain engineering CTO, Sarah Knapplg he production management chief product officer, Elena Lang, finance CFO and Beatrice Kurz the Chief Human Resources Officer CHRO. The crypto Apartment platform is governed and managed by these five team members.


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