What is CryCash?

CryCash (CRC)



With the recent upgrades of gaming platform in the gaming industry, it seems these platforms has integrated the use of digital assets through some like Steam (an online gaming giant) that has opted out of the use of cryptocurrencies. However, there are issues in the industry that needs to be ironed out. Due to the ever-fluctuating value of ETJH and BTC among other things. CryCash has been described by the media outlet as the world’s first cryptocurrencies tailored to satisfy the needs of game developers and gamers. The CryCash ecosystem features an array of services to help make gaming a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

CryCash features

Made exclusively for gamers

The CryCash (CRC) is designed exclusively for the gaming context. The platform helps gamers to purchase without having to bother about fluctuating value or fiat exchanges. In their press statement, the platform is described as an independent, decentralized ecosystem fueled by all new, gamer-centric cryptocurrency.

Good compatibility

CryCash has confirmed integration into Crytek’s game development platform. The company representatives claim to partner with many more service providers in the near future.

A unique model of operation

CryCash allows users to earn a living via the completion of in-game tasks. The tasks are assigned to the player by developers via the Plink. Users can automatically receive the CRC token once they have completed the task.

Inbuilt features

CryCash uses an ecosystem that consists of 4 independent components. The four components run native tokens called the CRC. Users can use the App called the Plink, which acts as a social network, chat and messaging service, a CRC wallet and a task manager.


The CryCash ICO began a few days ago and ends on January 31, 2018. The CRC token will be offered during the ICO. The value has been set at 1 CRC equals .001 ETH. The token can be bought for around $0.41. The price is only applicable during the ICO period.

The token structure

When it comes to the token structure. The platform states how the token will be used. 60% will be put up for sale, 25% reserved for purchase by partners, advisors and team members and the remaining 15% used for long-term reserves.

Who is behind CryCash?

CryCash already partners up with  Crytek, the video game developer and publisher of the legendary original FarCry and Crysis franchise. The warfare creative director is Michael Khaimzon. The platform is an independent ecosystem of customer-tailored products, allowing gamers to monetize their game time and developers.

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