What is CrowdWiz?

CrowdWiz (WIZ)



CrowdWiz is a decentralized investment ecosystem that is based on the power of wisdom. CrowdWiz recently announced its ICO, which will start in late November 2017. Founded in 2017, CrowdWiz ecosystem uses a crowdsourced process as an alternative to the traditional investment advice. It takes the opinion of the work rather than the opinion of banks, fund managers or middlemen and uses it to make decisions.

How does the CrowdWiz work?

CrowdWiz offers its users to investment companies which are Company A and company B. A user can cast their vote using the WIZ token to do so. They can pick to use the Company A and Company B based on the one perceived by the users as the best investment. Funds are distributed on the opinion of the majority of the crowd. The end result is that the crowd will produce the best and most promising company that people can invest in.

CrowdWiz features

CrowdWiz plans to implement the following features in its platform.


The WizExchange is a self-directing, crowd-managed exchange platform where token holders can determine which tokens are removed and listed. The voting process is used to make token choices.

WizFund platform

WizFund is the pool of investment money that is controlled by the crowd. Users and token holders are free to establish a crowd wisdom fund or invest in newly-created funds. You can create a wisdom fund based on friends, your family or among a group of coworkers. The platform if transparent and low-cost investment pool.


WizVote is a fair voting system that provides an honest voting mechanism and one that is transparent. The system is used to protect the ecosystem from fraud. WizVote system allows only entitled members to vote, which assets WizFund should invest in.


WizInvestment encompassing suite for the crowd wisdom-based products including the CrowdWiz exchange and CrowdWiz fund.


WizTrader enhances performance and offers liquidity solutions. The solutions are through major reputable exchanges. They are fully automated to ensure the lowest possible market prices.

CrowdWiz team

CrowdWiz was founded by Krypton software, a division of TRADOLOGIC. The founding team consists of Slavena Savcheva (Co-founder and BizDev) and co-founder and CEO Michael Golod. The project was launched in 2016 and announced in 2017 on the internet. The token sale will take place from late October through to early November 2017. CrowdWiz uses the WIZ token to interact with other services.

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