What is Credo?

BitBounce (Credo)


Email is free. That’s where all the problem with emails starts. It used to be a fun and nice way to send messages and documents, but with spam, the price of email has gotten too high. For a long time, people even proposed attaching money to email to signal importance of the message. However, there is a new extract in the space that aims to make email fun and easy as it was once. BitBounce aims to take emailing a bit further in integrating financial signaling. It is a new cryptocurrency platform built from email purpose. BitBounce has created a tool for cryptocurrency to signal the importance of the message with a bit of money.

On July 26, BitBounce released an Ethereum-based token called the credo to power their visions and help them in its market from email attention. The purpose of BitBounce and credo is to solve the problems of email access and spam. Even that almost 7 billion people worldwide already use email, it is fast becoming a global thing and solving the problems would create tremendously good and positivity. The BitBounce using Credo help in providing solutions for recipients and senders.

For recipients, they reduce spam in the inbox, compensate for engagement with emails from an unknown sender and enjoy restored productivity. On the other hand, senders get more reliable acquisition of recipient attention and response, improved access to current difficult and valuable to contract.

How BitBounce works

  • BitBounce treats known senders and let them right into the main inbox
  • To get to your inbox, unknown senders need to pay a few cents in cryptocurrency form
  • Senders who want you to see their message can offer a reward for a response. The reward can be a digital token worth a few dollars.

Each of the above methods helps to signal that the message is worth someone’s time, which makes life easier for people using emails. For the process to be successful, users have to add some software to their email system of choice. They can create a whitelist of approved contacts based on their contact folder. A sender that is not on the whitelist gets into the inbox once they attach a tiny bit of cryptocurrency to their email.

Token dynamics

Credo in an ERC20 token. It is implanted as an Ethereum-based token on the Ethereum blockchain. Credo can be migrated from one blockchain like Tezos to another blockchain to make the Ethereum blockchain a less hospitable environment and other blockchains more robust.


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