What is Credits?

Credits (CS)


Credits (CS) is an open Blockchain platform that uses an internal cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Credits is designed to create services for the blockchain systems using public data registry and self-executing smart contracts. High volumes of applications are made possible on the platform because of the minimal transaction fees. The platform is the first completely autonomous blockchain system. It offers a new, extended application programming interface (API) that utilizes a Turing system. The Turing system is capable of creating services using schedules, unique function, and cycles.

Features of the Credits platform

The Credits platform offers very fast blockchain transactions. It is well suited to serve a range of application, including gambling, financial industry, gaming, payments, IoT and much more. Some of the features that make things possible on the platform include:

High volume

more than 1,000,000 transactions per second with future scalability.

Lightning fast processing times

the platform allows for as little as 0.01 seconds per transaction.

Inexpensive transaction fees

The transaction fee is differentiated from around 0.001 USD

Smart contracts capabilities

Credits platforms offer users new, advanced functionalities with programmability and developer-friendly interface. The advanced, comprehensive smart contracts capabilities are categorized into different sections. Being the first autonomous blockchain platform. The credits platform allows the creation of decentralized. Independent and separate blockchain and smart contrast services. Some of the services include:

Schedules and cycles

the smart contracts platform provides new features for independent services.

Advance application programming interface

The smart contracts allow connectivity for smart contracts on the platform, to others smart contract outside the systems.

Software development kit SDK

the SDK provides advanced tools that users and developer on the Credits platform can use.

Java Virtual machine JVM language

the JVM language makes the platform more stable, useful and more flexible for high-load applications.


The Credits platform roadmap shows the stage the platform has taken to be where it is now. The stage includes the development and MVP and the white paper which happened in January 2017 and the MVP launch and Pre-sale in October 2017. Credits plan to issue Alpha Version and the ICO launch in January 2018, replacement on exchanges in February and the release and new services by June 2018.

Project team

Credits was founded by Igor Chugunov who is also the CEO. Igor has over 12 years in IT fintech projects, banks and credit e-services. The confounder is Evgeniy Butyaev also the CTO and team leader Valentin Antonov.

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