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A good business model is the one that has essential components of a successful business. The components of a successful business model should be approachable for teams, allows streamlined services minus huge payroll, scalable to a platform from confronting services and aligns the incentives of experts, and investors. This is what Cofound.it is all about. Cofound.it is a global platform that connects experts, investors, and startups in an exceptional way. Cofound.it is built for the blockchain community.

Since its inception, the goal of Cofound.it has been to deliver a multiple of tokens receive, that means that the services offered by this platform are not only essentially free, but they add value. To make it understandable, Cofound.it has a value-added approach where all services charges are issued in tokens, making the platform approachable for investors and teams.


Cofound.it has a crowdsale process that is financed by Cofound.it itself at the project stage when funds are not immediately available. The token value compensation is close to the cost of the token value. However, because of the scale, Cofound.it services are more efficient when compared to the teams that are hiring the experts themselves. The crowdsale is used to power Cofound.it. Tokens are distributed among the experts and used by the platform to pay for operational and development expenses and used to pay for other pre-financed promotional costs by Cofound.it itself.

 Cofound.it video explanation

As every services and everybody is paid using the Cofound.it tokens, the interest of the projects, supporters, and experts are aligned to showcase and help execute successful crowds, showcase the best projects and provide a foundation for future business. The future business gives the Cofound.it tokens the much-needed worth. The business model used by Cofound.it allows the platform to provide expert advice and assistance to investors and other teams. The model allows for a smaller core team to own funds that will work on the platform or application.

The token compensation was developed by the crypto community and used with members who perform marketing, escrow, translation or any other service to crowdsale projects. Having a good business model enables Cofound.it to scale the application. It is bringing additional structure and elevating it to higher levels.

The initial percentage of Cofound.it project tokens is between 5% and 20%. The tokens pay for operations and promotions services and sold in a way that has no negative impact the market price. It limits sells orders distributed in time.

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