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Cortex is a newly decentralized blockchain based AI p-platform build on a new public chain known as the Cortex. The new chain supports smart contracts, meaning anyone can use the platform to add AI the smart contracts. Cortex also aims at creating a mechanism that allows users to submit and optimize models, while model contributors get rewarded on the platform. The end result is the creating of AGI (artificial general intelligence) being corn on the platform.

How the platform works

The main aim of Cortex is to solve the issues of placing artificial intelligence systems for blockchain worldwide. The platform allows machine learning researchers from all over to upload corresponding data models to the Cortex public chain. Other users make inferences using the models and pay those who developed them.

Each inference, the data, and a full node synchronizes the data and model to a local site. The Cortex’s CVM, or unique virtual; machine synchronizes the results ton the whole network before returning the result. Every time you initiate a transaction performs an intelligence inference or opens a smart contract, you will have to pay Endorphins tokens for the services. The platform allows the Endorphin and the Cortex coins (CTXC).


Virtual Machine: the Cortex Virtual Machine or CVM is set fully on the Ethereum Virtual machine. The CVN supports inference instructions.

Smart AI contracts: Cortex allows you to write programs on the Cortex blockchain, then submits the dependent interactions upon other contracts.

Model Submission: the platform also provides a submission interface, including one from virtual machines. The inferences are for training and interpret instructions from models. They also create a bridge between algorithm providers and computing power providers, allowing for collaboration between participants in the ecosystem.

Inference Consensus: the inference consensus comes in handy when users initiate transactions to a contract. The process which Cortex uses the inference instructions and then nodes result in creating consensus.

Cortex intelligence inference framework: Machine researchers can upload corresponding data models to cortex’s storage layer, then the user can make inferences using the models before paying the providers.

Token sale

The recently concluded token sale lasted for a month. It started on 7th February and ended 1st March 2018. During the token sale, CTXC tokens were sold at 1 ETH = 1500 CTXC.


The team is led by CEO Ziqi Chen, CTO, Weiyang Wang, Amy Chen (Operating Officer) and (Chief Deep Learning Engineer, Xiao Yan.


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