What is Copytrack?

Copytrack (CPY)




The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency platforms are experiences the fast-growing business and platforms. One of the platforms that are experiencing the growth is the Copytrack. It is a fair online platform for photographers, image agencies, publishers and e-commerce vendors. The aim of the platform is to improve the situation in the Global copyright registration. It aims to be the future of global, decentralized copyright registration for digital content. Copytrack will generate a unique ecosystem for rights holders providing new efficient marketplaces.

Problems COPYTRACK seeks to solve

The digital content management and registration face challenges. Users and rights-holders are the ones that get affected most. Some of the issues they face include, misunderstanding the usage of digital images online and licensing options. The rights-holder also find it hard to prove the owner of the original content and derivative works. Inadequate tools for track usage is another issue.

The Copytrack platform plans to solve these issues and offer users and rights-holder a platform they can use to prove data ownership. They provide rights-holder with a unique ecosystem and new e-client marketplaces that are well-suited to globally address the challenges they face.

Feature of Copytrack

Free and open copyright register

The Copytrack platform consists of 5 layers. The layers begin with creating an account, then upload images, proof of authorship and ends with exercising full copyright control. The platform will then audit the authenticity of the authorship and provide a blockchain-based certificate to prove ownership. From there the user maintains complete copyright control.

Copytrack CPY token

The CPY token is the native token on the platform. The token will be used for payment in the flexible and modular licensing systems. Paying using the CPY token allows rights-holders to design a friendly, easy-to-use interface that can be extended to incorporate a range of additional functionality like payment routing and programmatic contracts.

Token allocation

The total value of CPY token available is 100 million. 7.8% of tokens will be available during the presale, 52.2% during the public token sale, 1.5% bounties, blockchain and development 20%, and advisors and founder 18.5%. All remaining token will be burned after the end of the token sale.

Copytrack team

The Copytrack team is led by Marcus Schmitt, the CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur and executive manager with 20+ year of experience. The CTO of the platform is Stefan Bar who has 15+ years of experience in IT and software development. The team includes head of operation Sandro Mader and Marie Slowioczek-man head of legal among others.

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