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Today, many people are turning to self-employment as a way of developing and growing themselves. The number of people turning to self-employment is meant to increase in the coming decades. With that in mind, Connected Job is a multi-featured application that aims to decentralize the services of connecting employers with potential employees in a fast and secure way. With ConnectJob, employers are required to pay fees for services or task, while the service providers, on the other hand, is anyone willing to complete the task. Service providers can be a neighbor, family member or someone you don’t know as long as they are using the platform.

How does it work?

The role of ConnectJob is to connect “jobbers” with employers using the blockchain-based platform. ConnectJob will certify and approve each Jobber” for a specific title. The company also wants to create a platform that employers can use to hire best contractors who can produce quality work for them. ConnectJob revolves around the use of CJT, a ConnectJob token. The token is used as a utility token on the platform. It can be used for all payments and services.

Benefits of ConnectJob

Some of the benefits of using the ConnectJob include:

Create and transfer digital assets: users of the platform can transfer and create digital assets easily. The digital assets include tokens and cryptocurrencies in a frictionless environment.

Low-cost process: decentralized blockchain platforms like ConnectJob eliminates the use of intermediaries and middlemen when searching for jobs and contractors. This means lower costs across the board.

Security: no one can change the blockchain or any of the data on the blockchain. The data is first verified by a network of participants before it’s included in the blockchain.

ConnectJob features

Smart contracts

ConnectJob uses smart contracts based on the Ethereum ERC20. The team behind the platform is creating a token that has multiple functions to satisfy the great interest in their innovations. All the Solidity Ethereum smart contracts code used for vault account and token sale is fully audited by Smart Dec.

Blockchain ecosystem

Using the blockchain ecosystem allows the ConnectJob allows its customers to exchange value without relying on third parties. Users will enjoy, secure, decentralized and faster transaction processing.

ConnectJob team

ConnectJob is led by CEO and founder Yoni Assouline, co-founder and CTO Jonathan Gueron, COO, Tamir Ruvinov, CFO Tirana Tobnkonogaya, Nechemya kaneolsky, CPO and Beni Assembert the CMO. The team also includes a group of advisors. It is based a Ukraine.


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