What is CombiCoin

CombiCoin (Triaconta)




CombiCoin is a combination of crypto coins as the name implies. The combination is between Combi and Tria to come up with a platform and a coin. The Triaconta is the parent company to CombiCoin which focuses on making cryptocurrency investment accessible to a wider audience. Triaconta vision is to generate more profit for the holders of TRIA tokens and generate a wider audience. The platform uses smart contracts for carbon traders to make sure digital transactions across the organization is credible and transparent to the public

Features of CombiCoin and Triaconta.

Profit-generating exchange software

Triaconta is developing a trading platform that guarantees a controlled CombiCoin price based on the top 30. There is money earned by doing this.

Establishing a stable CombiCoin price and earn money

The software that is being developed will scan any buy or sell order concerning CombiCoin. It will do the following:

  • If you have a sell order of a CombiCoin less than the value of the top 30, the software buys the order and sell the top 30 currencies automatically. The software will then proceed to destroy CombiCoin, in turn, generating profit.
  • If there is also a buy order that is more than the top 30 value, the software creates and sells the CombiCoin and buy the top 30 currencies. They sell it automatically to generate profits.

Have a higher probability of increasing in value

If you happen to invest currencies available in the market, then expect them to suddenly surge in price. However, nobody knows which currency (ies) will do well and the one that will not. CombiCoin has always benefited from the growth on the top 30 currencies.

Creating new coins

Once the software created a new coin to sell. It immediately buys an asset backing for it. This is to make sure that all CombiCoin are always 100% asset-backed.

Monitoring multiple exchanges

The software has the capability to monitor multiple exchanges because all the currencies are available at all exchanges. More importantly, the software will monitor multiple exchanges to get the best deal for each and every coin.

Benefits of CombiCoin

  • Risk diversifies by bringing stability to the chaotic market of cryptocurrencies.
  • Have a higher probability to increase in value
  • Always 100% asset-backed.

Because of the fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency industry, it is important to guarantee the continuity of CombiCoin. Specific guidelines have been set and worked out for the success of Triaconta and CombiCoin.


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