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Finding an investment trading market where you can invest and trade cryptocurrencies using one wallet, one coin, and one account is a challenge for many people. One platform is now available for those searching for a decentralized investment market, where they can invest multiple cryptocurrencies without having to worry about security and other things. The Coinvest investment trading market is a decentralized trading market for cryptocurrencies. The trading market offers crypto enthusiast a place where they can invest their cryptocurrencies and index funds suing just one account, one wallet, and one coin.

How does the Coinvest work?

Coinvest decentralized investment trading market allows trading and withdrawing of investment directly with their smart contracts. The trading market works in three steps. The first step includes creating a Coinvest virtual portfolio using your favorite cryptocurrencies. The second step involves trading and withdrawing investment directly using their smart contracts and the third and final step includes spending COIN using your debit card account.

How does Coinvest compare to other cryptocurrencies?

When it comes to comparing the Coinvest to other cryptocurrencies, they Coinvest works well than some of the cryptocurrencies. The Coinvest Platform and exchange access the use of Fiat currency, cryptocurrency storage, index funds and it is non-custodial. In future, Coinvest plans to incorporate other features and benefits including short selling, limit orders, won't allow third-party or human interaction and much more.

Benefits of Coinvest

Those using Coinvest are set to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Trading rewards: you can accumulate COIN rewards with every trade on the platform
  • Super Trader: Make profits from trading using your virtual investment portfolio.
  • Index fund management: collect up to 50% of trading fee revenue when users invest in your personal index fund.
  • Value appreciation: the transaction volume, platform adoption, and buybacks increase COIN value


The Coinvest development plan started in the summer of 2017, the market research and feasibility analysis, legal diligence and company incorporation were formed during the time. Other things have taken place since then and it plans to offer users more feature and benefits in the near future.


Coinvest was founded by Damon Nam, who is also the executive director of the ecosystem. Damon has 16+ year of experience in Microsoft and is also a partner program director. The team also has Peter Cashmore, the founder, and CEO of Mashable. Pete featured on the Forbes list of 30 under 30. The Covets platform plans to hold its token sale in February 2018

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