What is CoinMeet?

CoinMeet (MEE)



The digital data and economic society are facing many problems despite the fact that the digital industry is experiencing massive increase. Things are going to be better in the recent years with the inclusion of the CoinMeet, a revolutionary multi-asset management social platform. The platform is based on a cross-chain adaptor and can fulfill transfers, payments, deposit and democratic listing a wide range of digital assets. The aim of CoinMeet is to serve the Encrypted digital economic society in the future. The economic society will equal to digital assets + digital identity + digital socializing.

Features of CoinMeet

CoinMeet has the best features that make the platform a better place where users can trade, offer transaction and payments in a democratic manner. The core features of the CoinMeet platform include:

Multi-asset wallet

CoinMeet Multi-Asset wallet is a multi-asset social wallet. The wallet is a secure, safe and a transparent wallet where users can store, fulfill, transfer and perform other services on it.

Digital asset distribution group

CoinMeet users have the opportunity to create social groups. The group can establish their distribution channels for their own assets circulation through giving rewards and charging digital; assets.

Private chat

CoinMeet has also adapted to the end-to-end encryption technology. The technology is also a series of auxiliary functions like being burnt after reading and screenshot notifications. The notification helps in protecting the privacy and security of instant messaging.

Blockchain passport

CoinMeet uses the artificial intelligence to identities biometric such as facial features, fingerprints and vocal print and stores the users identified in the blockchain. The process makes is a passport for the new digital economic world.

Technical features

End-to-end encryption

CoinMeet protects the privacy and anti-steals the communication information of users using the end-to-end encryption. The feature provides a safe environment for communication for users to chat at ease.

Biometric identification

The biometric identification and artificial intelligence help in verifying users identify without collecting any ID card or passport information.

Mobile LBS

The platform provides a large quality of localized, socialized and sceneries service through location-based services. The feature helps in realizing treasure games. OTC exchange, making friends and payments among others.


The CoinMeet platform was launched and the team built in may 2017. On October 2017 the design product prototype was launched. The team plans to launch its token economic system in January 2018 and they are planning for other feature to be launched during the ear till December 2018.

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