What is Coindash?

CoinDash (CDT)

As the crypto-market grows, more and more investors and companies become more and more interested in the ecosystem. They are looking for easier ways to tap into the glory of the crypto-market. CoinDash is one of the companies looking to utilize the potential benefits of the crypto-market. The platform is building a solution that offers newcomers an easy way of accessing crypto-market and additionally give newcomers, experienced traders and other sources a new way of generating revenue.

What is CoinDash?

CoinDash is a management platform based on crypto portfolio used by both new and experienced traders. This crypto-based portfolio management platform provides its users with tools that help them in managing and maximizing their portfolio. CoinDash combines various features of software solutions that traders can use. It combines marketplace features and social network feature.

On the CoinDash platform, users will use predefined contracts for investing execution and automated trading as part of the software solution. For example, an investor can make an investment in an ICO market, once a predefined amount ICO cap has been reached, the investment is automatically initiated. Via the platform user interface, users are able to link their exchange accounts and personal wallets to access and monitor a portfolio overview.

CoinDash offers three layers of tools and solutions on the platform. The first layer has tools used for managing and analyzing purposes. The tools can be used to manage and analyze user’s performances in relation to other traders and the market as a whole. The platform takes and traces all transactions made by users with real-time price quoting and giving traders feedback on their trading results. Users can follow, see and use copy ICO and trading tools via smart contracts. This happens on the second layer. The third and the last layer is for making CoinDash a new market for secondary markets. The platforms being tested by beta testers and it has released a public beta.

CoinDash offers newcomers a solution of using a social network to gain further insight from experienced traders. These services are reimbursed in form of reputation, influenced and fees. A successful trader is able to sell his success to newcomers meaning an experienced trader strategies and initial trades will be more profitable when using the platform. The copy-trading options allow fully automated copying of experienced trader moves under the security of smart contracts. CoinDash recently conducted a token sale of their token.

Project is no longer live

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