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Condensate (RAIN)


Condensate is a blockchain network that allows people to create a decentralized transaction system without any third party involved. The platform uses rain as its digital currency. Condensate is a truly environmentally conscious blockchain implementation, incentivizing environmental watchdogs and whistleblowers across the world. The platform uses the IOT approach and creates RAIN Meters that allow people to track important water metrics and ensure environmental friendlies and compliance.

Condensate allows customers to make secure payments in real time and remain fully anonymous. It aims to create a robust network that both the environment and the Condensate community will benefit. The platform’s main goal is the generate revenues to the development of scientific research about rain, the environment, and its protection.

Condensate wallet

Condensate offers all its users with wallets where they can store their money securely and safely. The condensate or RAIN wallet is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Condensate team is still in the process of writing its Whitepaper which, according to them will be available soon. They are also planning to make their wallets available for Android and other platforms.

Condensate runs on an X11 algorithm and a dual Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work algorithm. The PoS and PoF enable people to choose whether they want to mine RAIN by keeping their wallets open or by using their computing power. Users can also mine coin by staking the coin. Only those who are owners of general purpose computers can get involved in the mining of the RAIN coin.

The use of X11 algorithm used by RAIN is more improved than the Scrypt (Litecoin) or the SHA-256 (Bitcoin). The X11 name derives from the algorithm being composed of a chain of 11 different algorithms.

RAIN coin can be exchanged on numerous platform, including the Coinexchange, NovaExchange and Cryptopia. The Price of RAIN is not yet stated in the Condensate platform. Condensate team plans to become the influential platform to the cryptocurrency community and eventually contribute to the betterment of the environment and the development of scientific research.

The RAIN coin

The RAIN coin was introduced in early 2017 the condensate team that is yet to be announced. Condensate is a recent start-up, that’s why there is no much information about the platform, the team behind it and the coin. The platform is under improvement from the developers and the team. Condensate is planning to supply a total coin of 500 million, which is a huge amount compared to their cryptocurrency.


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