What is Cobinhood?



Cobinhood is considered the next generation exchange that will help in solving many of the existing problems that the current exchange system faces. With Cobinhood, people will be able to get maximum profits because the exchange provides 0% fee on cryptocurrencies exchange and on the spot. Being a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Cobinhood plans to build a consensus algorithms of blockchain technology advance, real-time order bookmaking matching to become feasible and build a decentralized high-frequency trading.

Cobinhood vision

The aim of Cobinhood it to solve the problem of tokens Liquidity that the ICO face by ICO underwriting services. The token Liquidity means tokens cannot be immediately traded on exchanges soon after ICO. Low liquidity also means ICO tokens reduces in value because the bid-ask spread is large. However, in the near future, institutional investors, hedge funds, and large investment banks will be able to enter the crypto trading market because of the high-quality services offered by Cobinhood.

Cobinhood features

What makes Cobinhood more interesting is its features and characteristics. The features found on the platform makes it more interesting, secure and safe to use compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The features include:

Zero trading fee: Cobinhood if the first zero trading fees cryptocurrency exchange. Traders can enjoy zero trading fee for up to 10x leverage for spot trading and margin trading.

Secured Crypto asset deposits: user can store a vast majority of their crypto deposits using an offline vault. The crypto assets can also be stored in an online wallet depending on the users. The wallets are backed by insurance.

Support Fiat currencies: all mainstream fiat currencies such as USD, HKD, CAD, AUD, EUR, JPY, KRW and others are supported by the exchange.

Universal: support major languages like English, Japan, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Korean among others

ICO underwriting service: Cobinhood allows users to solve ICO token liquidity issue in a simple yet safe way. It is not just an exchange. It positions itself as a global, authoritative ICO underwriter.

High-performance order matching engine: the order matching engine used by Cobinhood can process millions of orders within a sub-millisecond. The system is designed to be highly-available fully distributed and auto-scalable to achieve true real-time trading experience.

Cobinhood team

Cobinhood team is a true team that has experts on-board. Popo Chen is the CEO and founder of the group. He is a serial entrepreneur and holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering. The CTO is Pu-Chen Mao, who previously worked for companies such as Ubiquiti Networks and 17.media


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