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Clout is an information network based on the blockchain technology. The network hosts a variety of articles and news about the blockchain technology and crypto investments. It also provides users with detailed news and current analysis about all upcoming ICOs. Influential members of the network and the community are acknowledged in Clouts sections on the Who’s Woof crypto. The core feature of the Clout network is a social media interface where users and generated contents. It also has additional features such as monetized rewards for users in an exchange for interaction on the platform with the community.

How does the Clout network work?

The Clout network uses the Clout token and the Daughter token CLC has its fuel. The two native token are used to reward users for their interactions with the network proportional. Users can earn CLC by sharing a quality post created by another member or by creating content themselves. They can also earn CLC by upvoting post or leave comments on existing ones. The CLC is what differentiates the network from other networks and platforms. It allows the platform to be the only place where both content creators and content sharers earn for their contributions.

CLOUT token and CLC

Bother the CLOUT token and CLC are based on the cryptographic technology. Clout utilized the latest improvements and technology in its token protocol in the Ethereum network. Both tokens are ERC20 compliant token which makes them early adopters of the forthcoming industry standards. They also use the ERC223 standards which are compatible with ERC20 contracts and functions such the ability to more efficiently handle token transfers, innate protection against sending token to inappropriate address and handle more forms on incoming contracts.

Clout ICO

A total of 100 million tokens has been distributed since its inception. A bigger amount of the tokens was sold during the ICO.  The Clout network plans to release CLOUT token every year for the next five years to enhance the longevity of the projects and ensure that token holders can hold onto a profitable asset. The CLOUT ICO happened on October 27, 2017, and the presale was open to anyone with a minimum buy of 1 BTC or 10 ETH.

Clout team

The Clout network is led by four co-founders who include Sean Kirtz (President), Dean James (COO), Simon Josef (design lead), and Frank Lucido (vice president). Other include CEO, David Cohen, Ryan Fugger, chief advisor, Andrew Zubko, Blockchain developer and Serge Nikitin, CFO.



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