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CloudMoolah (MOO)

While in the past developers took a long time to integrate their SDK’s on local payments platform, the blockchain technology has made things easier nowadays. It has become much easier for developers to integrate their SDK’s to payment platform, such as CloudMoolah. What is CloudMoolah?

What is CloudMoolah?

CloudMoolah is a game payment platform which combines popular localized payment methods such as prepaid cards, top-up cards, Ebanking and the new MOO tokens. The platform also allows game developers to collect in-app revenue from gamers. The credit card penetration in places like Southeast Asia is less than 3%, the CloudMoolah integrated users through the Unity Editor which takes less than 10 minutes.

Reasons why people choose CloudMoolah

Successful track record

CloudMoolah was successfully launched in 2017 by the Cloud Alliance Company.  Through the platform unity, developers can enable in-app revenue collection from gamers worldwide and from more than 500,000 retail points of sales across Southeast Asia.

Experienced founding team

The team behind the platform has a collective experience of more than 30 years. They are experienced in game publishing and payment industries I nausea. With a track record of issuing virtual currencies and publishing blockbuster game titles such as Counter-Strike Online, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft 2, the platform is listed among the best gaming platform in Southeast Asia.

Exclusive partnerships with Unity

This platform has established an exclusive partnership with unity in Southeast Asia. Unity is the world’s largest video game development engine. Together they co-develop new products available on the MOO store.


Game listing on CloudMoolah is simple and developers can easily increase their revenue with no cancellations or change backs.


Cloud Alliance and Unity explore using the blockchain based technology to ensure efficiency and security of game transactions.


The MOO store is a multi-lingual platform that serves the needs of the localized gaming community. The process ensures effectiveness and ease of use.

Self-marketed, kick starter-style

Gamers can provide financial support to gaming projects they love and see the potential for growth.


Gamers on the platform can earn additional in-game currency from spending more time gaming on the platform.

MOO token details

There was a total of 500 million MOO tokens created. 300 million was made available during the token sale period. The company aims were to raise a maximum and $30 million and mi9nimum of $10 million via the crowdsale. CloudMoolah was co-founded by COO Jonathan Sze, and Chairman Roland Ong

Project is no longer live

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