What is ClearPoll?

ClearPoll Blockchain Based Social Opinion


If you are looking for a better way to record, view and share a public opinion, there is no better way than using the ClearPoll platform. The ClearPoll platform is a new way that enables you to record, view and say your opinion to the public. All you need to do to use the platform is to install its app on your devices. It can be a mobile device, tablet, and your PC.

After installation of the app, you can browse for polls and vote on the poll that interests you. Topic about the polls differs from each other. It can be about global, national or local issues. ClearPoll is a quick, easy and most of all a secure platform. The results of the poll on the platform are 100% secure. To elaborate how you can use the platform. Here is a breakdown of the functions you are allowed on the platform.

Browse for active pool

Every person is allowed to choose from the various categories on the platform the topics he or she wants to talk about. The categories include entertainment, environmental, fashion, sports, politics and much more. You can filter the topics to local, national and global to easily find topics that interest you.

Decide on topics.

Users are not forced to participate in the kind of topics they don’t want. Every person decides the topic they participant in and even which topics become the next active polls. Users can vote for great questions and popular topics.


ClearPoll Video Explanation

Vote on polls

Users have the opportunity the vote anonymously on a poll they want and monitor its results. Your vote is completely secure and nobody can change it. Each poll is active for 24 hours and the results are available after 24 hours.

Share what you stand for

ClearPoll has a wall where users can pin their favorite polls. Users can decide if the wall will be public or private. ClearPoll is a better solution for the increasing public opinion problem. When the public opinion is being fabricated and manipulated, ClearPoll does not allow that to happen to all the polls and opinion on the platform.

The ClearPoll team includes Robert Cully director and lead developer, Daniel Abela director, and lead designer, Simon Cockling, advisor among other web developers, developers and advisers. Users can invest in the ClearPoll token sale. ClearPoll allows your opinion to be heard loud and clear and offer the most accurate, unadulterated public opinion data.


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