What is Clamcoin?

Clamcoin (CLAM)


Money is present in our lives no matter where we go. We trade, work, buy and sell by transferring and exchanging money. However, the current monetary system is not designed in a way that supports equality, fairness, and freeness. This is why we need CLAM network. CLAMs is a form of currency or digital value that can be created, transferred and verified by computers running the CLAMs software. The technology on top of CLAM is similar to Bitcoin’s. The network follows a rigorous protocol to make sure maintenance and verification of consensus. The tokens network is a network and digital money.

What is CLAMs network?

Clamcoin network is a p2p network of computers that run on the CLAMs software. For anyone who wants to become a part of the token network, you need to run the coins software on your computer. The network’s purpose is to collaboratively and independently verify the creation and transfer of CLAMCOIN.

What is CLAMs digital Money?

CLAMcoin is a new payment network and innovative payment network that uses proof-of-Stake and blockchain technology to manage transactions. It uses Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin to issue transactions. The software is free and available to anyone who wishes to build upon it. The token network gets stronger and stronger when more people keep joining.

CLAM platform is different from other platforms in a manner that offers equal distribution system. The equal distribution system allows the platform to provide users with the best services. The equal distribution includes the initial distribution and ongoing distribution.

The ongoing distribution is secured through the proof-of-Stake (PoS) or as CLAMs call it digging for fresh coinss. Approximately the network automatically selects one running unlocked clients to process the tokenss. The entire process happens entirely in the background. If your client is selected, then you get rewarded 1 CLAM. CLAMs is the first Proof-of-Chain cryptocurrency. The network was built using the widest digital value distribution. The CLAMcoin are sent to all active users of Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin.

Bitcoin was the first world’s cryptocurrency that was made possible by the blockchain. The blockchain software used in CLAM is open-sourced, free and available. Many people have created thousands of new cryptocurrencies. The token is a highly innovate variations of the Bitcoin code. Its use a combined computing power network to create and maintain a Blockchain where CLAMS transactions are performed. Unlike banks that have Middlemen, it has none. It is just a network that is free from tyranny.

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