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CIVIC is a blockchain-based secure, on demand and low-cost identity verification platform. Institutions, application, and different platforms must have background and personal verification checks each time users want to access their account. Verification checks help users to be sure that all their personal information is safe and secure. But with CIVIC (CVC) the applications and institutions don’t need verification checks.

For good reasons, CIVIC token, the CVC is a fair and innovative model for exchange sale. After becoming familiar with the vanity Metrics and the crypto world, CIVIC founder saw the damaging and misleading headlines in the industry including those from other tokens and platforms. To set the matters straight and help investor and users with a platform that meets their needs, CIVIC decided to create a coin/token, the CVC token. Using the CVC token, CIVIC gives users and companies an excellent method of solving problems in the cryptocurrency world.

How is CIVIC solving problems?

The primary problem that CIVI is trying to solve is the proverbial chicken and egg problem. You might ask yourself want that is. In the process of building an efficient business, business starters always face a cold start at the beginning. How do you get users and why would users use your application, platform or device if you don’t have companies on board? These are some of the colds starts that business face. To solve the problem, you need to have a token or coin where utility increases. This means the early participants begin to benefit from the network effects immediately after launching.

Various companies are recognizing the opportunity in the crypto world. Using the crypto token to build web series, CIVIC has been able to tap into the already available opportunity. The goal of CIVIC is to create an identity network that connects users and companies. They are creating a 1bn token to help them achieve that purpose. The tokens will be sold to accelerate network growth. CIVIC believes that the model will bridge the gap at the beginning of creating a system and on-boarding companies.


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