What is Cindicator?

Cindicator (CND)



Hybrid intelligence symbolists the technology combination of man and machines. Cindicator is a community-driven, decentralized infrastructure that harnesses the artificial intelligence value. Cindicator is built on millions of decentralized analyst predictions processed, but the Cindicator technology themselves. Driven by AI, Cindicator believe the integration of decision. Making approaches that provide an exciting opportunity for the infrastructure network to solve current challenges and problems of the financial markets. Community member of the network provides the platform with value-added regular predictions that added significant value to the technology of the network and improve predictive robustness.

The Cindicator token CND

The CND token is conditioned by the need of creating an internal economy in the ecosystem. The internal economy will establish fair and transparent relations among all participants comprising of the system analysts and forecasters, financial investors, data scientist, traders and the Cindicator team. By using the CND infrastructure token, Cindicator offers all participants the chance to become creators of a decentralized ecosystem. All CND token holders can obtain a new access level to indicator’s services, analytical products, indicators, indices, data, and information. The products, tools, and level of access available depend on the quality of tokens in the holder’s possession. The CND token is accepted on a number of exchanges. The exchanges and platforms where CND is accepted, include MyEtherWallet.com, Metamask, Parity, and Mist.

Cindicator Company and team

Cindicator is a Fintech team that was founded in 2015. The team behind the ecosystem comprises of a synergy of individuals with expertise in data science, math, and finance. Together with a collective mind, Cindicator understands the value that comes with building the right community, team, and ecosystem. Their team is led by a technology entrepreneur with years of experience in predictive analytics and launching companies with big data Mike Brusov, he is the founder and the CEO of the ecosystem. Yuri Lobyntsev, the CTO and Co-founder of the ecosystem is an out-of-the-box inventor, distributed application developer, and entrepreneur. The two lead a team of traders and analysts, mathematicians, data scientist and product team.

Cindicator ultimate goal is to create a decentralized intellectual technology that implements the potential of the hybrid intelligence to benefit all participants in the ecosystem. Cindicator strives to become a fully automated ecosystem in the near future. It anticipates not only Bing used in financial and economic markets, but also in business, technologies, sports, politics, and science.

The token sale will give all participants an excellent opportunity to join the development of a relationship between machines and people’s minds.


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