What is Centrality?

Centrality (CENNZ)



Centrality is a blockchain-powered ecosystem to develop peer-to – peer marketplace. In addition, the platform joins collaborations with other leading innovators. To build an application store which enables users to access the application to handle their everyday activities and interactions using P2P purchases. Furthermore, after logging in and using the blockchain-enabled infrastructure, all the process is available. The ecosystem aims to enable individuals and businesses to work together using blockchain technology. Startups can use shared data, customers, content, and merchants to work together.

How’s centrality working?

According to the team, Centrality already precedes other industry players. They have increasing technology environments, active user base, and expanded sales. Includes the basic process of how Centrality works:

Creating the basis for scenes and sharing tokens in each application enables it to deliver core ecosystem and technology.
Plugging different scenes into ecosystem. Each scene uses a token to buy app modules to link material, currencies, merchants, and users around the ecosystem.
Scenes, through different uses, collaborate together to obtain retailers, records, information, and customers, then use smart contracts to guarantee that businesses will trust each other.

Each scene focuses on creating business.

Essential Centrality provides an environment where businesses can access essential resources from payment processing systems to onboard modules for consumers.

Centrality’s Apps and Scenes

Centrality utilizes decentralized applications and scenes. The applications (DApps) are built on its blockchain, and the ecosystem’s applications are classified as scenes. Apps Centrality offers include:

Skoot: Skoot is a travel experience marketplace composed of a virtual companion for free, individual travelers and inbound tourists.
Belong: Belong is a marketplace and employee participation site that appears to support company rewards workers.
Merge: a smart travel app that acts as a time-management system.
Ushare: Ushare is a mobility platform for hire vehicles, public transport, taxi services, hybrid bikes and more.

The founders of the squad

The squad comprises Aaron McDonald (CEO), Jerry Yuan (COO), Roger Smith (Chairman). It was created in 2016.

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