What is Cashaa?

Cashaa (CAS)




Cashaa is building the biggest payment platform on the planet. The platform aims to provide financial products from banked and unbanked individuals all over the world. It consists of digital send transparent financial services that are built on the blockchain technology. Cashaa can be compared to a bank only that it is built on the blockchain technology. Like other financial institutions based on the blockchain technology, Cashaa differentiates itself from the traditional banks by providing low-currency exchanges globally, better foreign exchange rates, easy access or digital currencies and lower fees due to reduced overhead costs.

How does Cashaa work?

Cashaa using the Auxledger. Auxledger is an enterprise guard focused on scalability, security, and performance. Cashaa is beta tested globally. Over 12,000 users have been already registered and the platform currently supports about 1000 currencies. Auxledger users the Interplay File Storage with disturbed files in a decentralized way. It is currently seeking to partner with new enterprise users, including governments and corporations. It can be used for electronic health records, land registries, benefit distribution and more.

Cashaa features

Low-cost currency exchanges: Cashaa platform uses the forex trading technology, which means you get to enjoy lower foreign exchange rates that you would get from banking providers.

Investment in a global economy: Using the Cashaa platform, people can participate in a global economy. Members of Cashaa can invest in diversified portfolio across the international border. Whichever token you like, you can pick it in seamless, low-cost way.

Targeted towards the banked and unbanked: Cashaa official website claims over 2.5 billion people are unbanked and another 1 billion are underbanked. Cashaa aims to create a platform that serves the banked and unbanked equally.

Open API: Cashaa encourages developers to create Dapps on the platform to help solve financial challenges. It has an Open API and SDK with integrated biometric and AI services to accelerate growth.

Spend anywhere with cards or wallet: Cashaa uses the CASNext cards and wallet to make your coins as liquid as cash. This allows users to spend their coins cryptocurrencies are accepted. The mobile wallet, on the other hand, allows users to make transactions, get instant balance updates or setup intelligent notifications.

The team

Launched on January 18, 2017, the platform has already attracted over 12, 000 users. The company behind the Cashaa platform is based in London with its key members, including Celestine Vettical, co-founder and Chairman, founder and CEO Kumar Gaurav and Dominic Melo, Chief Payments Officer among others.

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