What is Careerxon?




What is now happening in the labor market is that people don’t have equal access to superiors and labor markets. We are looking seeking to find a stable and well-paying job and sustain our life and give our children a better life and if possible everything they need. Careerxon platform is the only platform that allows people to achieve their dreams.

What is Careerxon?

Careerxon is a first decentralized career oriented and skill training platform. The platform is a phenomenon platform that leads to the appearance of a new interconnected platform for all available career pages out there. The level of interactions the platform provides helps companies and websites find people who are looking to be connected with the unconnected. When the world fails to interconnect people with companies, Careerxon is there to connect them.

Why choose Careerxon?

There are 6 reasons stated in the Careerxon platform why people and companies should consider using the platform. The reasons include:

  • Unique: The platform started with a simple brainstormed idea to become a unique platform. The team behind the Careerxon platform love doing what they do and their desire is to build a better and unique platform.
  • The platform itself: The platform does not rely on growth alone to fix all the problems. They have developed tools that use blockchain technology and all their processes are done over the internet.
  • Analysis: There is an unprecedented explosion of information technology that is beyond the most striking development in the world. Careerxon is a platform that helps in analyzing everything.
  • Accessibility: Users can diversify their assets and invest with ease in the size of the most modest portfolio because investment on Careerxon is denominated indivisible tokens.
  • Secure: Throughout the platform, all transaction data is recorded and protected. People can access or alters any data on the platform, which also removes privacy risks.
  • Factor: The main objective of the project is to connect the unconnected user. The platform achieves this by implementing a connected-state network which is based on the Ethereum smart contract.

Careerxon team

The Careerxon platform was founded by Jonas Valent, who has over 10 years of experience in computing and information technological fields. Dr. Emily Will is the field researcher. Emily has been working on multiple projects as a researcher and a writer. Other include Ramzi Trabel, data collection specialist, and Federica Espos, GFX designer. Federica Espos has 5+ years of experience in designing and Ramzi Trabel is a python expert who is dedicated to the field.


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