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The blockchain technology is expanding the way people operate. However, individuals and company alike are not taking advantage the power that blockchain gives them. People are not using the blockchain technology to create a decentralized software ecosystem that challenges the digital superpowers. However, things are set to change with the inclusion of the Cardstock ecosystem. The Cardstack ecosystem

 What is the Cardstack ecosystem?

According to the Medium.com, the Cardstack ecosystem is described as a “revolutionary experience layer that makes blockchain technology usable and scalable — creating a decentralized software ecosystem that can challenge today’s digital superpowers.” the official website describes it as an “open-source framework and consensus protocol that makes blockchain usable and scalable for the mass market.”

What is the technological concept of the ecosystem?

Cardstack is a lead forward for blockchain and every layer of the software stack. The unique concept of the ecosystem allows it to provide a toolset that unlocks the potential of the decentralized internet. The layer which the ecosystem is built on include:

  • Aggregation protocol: Cardstack uses the Cardstack-powered dApps that help to tap into the Tally protocol. This gives the dApps the power to perform complex computations such as counting votes, bathing payments and rewarding good work.
  • App framework: the App framework of Cardstack is a comprehensive SDK that helps in building powerful, cohesive blockchain apps.
  • Ecosystem token: Cardstack offers developers a place to monetize their Cardstack-based apps using the smart contracts powered by the CARD token.

Features and benefits

Cardstack offers various kinds of benefits both for developers and for end users. Developers can benefit from:

  • Using Cardstack comprehensive SDK to create beautiful, powerful and extensible apps
  • Improve app experience using the Cardstack’s off-chain aggregation
  • Get paid fairly by the governance algorithm and community-run payment.
  • Get reimbursed for the material cost
  • Keep things 100% open-sourced

For end-users

  • Create workflow and app combinations using the Hub.
  • Keep data sovereign or transmit it with card-based user experience
  • Mix and match multiple dApps and cloud apps, get started with fiat currency
  • Analytic Miners can also enjoy a number of benefits listed on the official website.

Project team

Cardstack was founded by Chris Tse who happens to be the Head of product in the project. Chris is a designer and technologist with years of experience. The team also include contributors starting with Ed Faulkner, Hassan Abdel-Rahman, Justin Thong, Ken Rossi, Chris Gardella and Wilfred Chan among others.


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