What is Carblox?

Carblox (CRX)



ICO Start from the10th of January 2018 -9th of February

Currency Accepted: ETH

1 ETH=4000 CRX

Bonus: Up to 30%


The vehicle market is one of the biggest industries in the world. The industry has shown growth throughout the past decades and the industry promises to increase its growth. However, with all the increase, the global vehicle market is highly affected by middlemen, fraud, end-user dissatisfaction, and inefficiency. Through the blockchain technology, is now possible for people to get information to the public from the moment a car leaves the factory until it gets to the end user. Carblox is the first multi-platform of the vehicle market.

Carblox Video Explanation

What is Carblox?

Carblox is a multiplatform or an ecosystem that harness, stores and validates all data about a vehicle from the time it leaves the factory. The ecosystem aims to disrupt the car industries by fixing the core challenges it faces today. Carblox uses IoT, the blockchain technology, and the cryptography to help people buy and sell vehicles and vehicle-related services in a secure, transparent and trustworthy manner. It has a decentralized vehicle registry that will ascertain vehicle-related information like repairs, insurance and other car related services. The key topic that Carblox will touch include:
• Used car market
• The Vehicle market
• Insurance

Problems that Carblox want to solve

Some of the problems that Carblox want to solve in the vehicle industry include:

Vehicle market

In the vehicle market, Carblox wants to solve outdated business model in terms the business model requires and data relevance. In data relevance, it wants to solve the problem of customer’s worries when it comes to losing data from absolutely nothing in return.

Used car market
Carblox targets the maintenance frustration when it comes to the used car market. It also targets the challenges people face when it comes to unfair practices and lack of guarantees.
In insurance, Carblox wants to handle the fraud presence where up to 10% of all claims for insurance payments are frauds. It also wants to solve the lack of personalized offers and mediocre calculations.

Carblox features
• Based on Ethereum blockchain
• Transparency while maintaining privacy
• Reliability and validity of information
• Use of smart contracts
• Decentralization
• Integration through API.

Carblox benefits
Worry-free: Carblox has a digital double and full history from the moment of purchase. The information is complete and reliable.
Tailored individual insurance options: insurance blockers can move to a new level when it comes to both insurance payments and premiums. All calculations are based on objective data stores on Carblox.
Vehicle repair and admittance service search: the platform allows the car owner to search and find repair and maintenance services at a reasonable price.

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