What is CanYa?

CanYa (CAN)



CanYa is the first ever blockchain-based, a cryptocurrency-based autonomous marketplace of services. It is a marketplace where people can buy and sell services securely without the intervention of other people and companies. Being a global P2P marketplace of services, CanYa gives users the freedom to hire local experts and skilled professionals from anywhere in the world. CanYa is different from other cryptocurrencies in that it is powered by the blockchain and aims to be the world’s best cryptocurrency based marketplace.

How does CanYa work?

CanYa is a hybrid between an on-chain cryptocurrency payment and a fast off-chain service that allows users to find and sell services. The platform can be used by providers to list services and skills they offer. Customers in the meantime, can access the marketplace using an app, the marketplace is secure, which means you can purchase services from only reputable providers.

Core features of CanYa

CanYa has four core features that make the ecosystem a better place, the features include:

P2P services

Users can instantly pay for services globally and locally through the CanYa platform. CanYa supports lost P2P services relying on the users to help in curating and verifying new services and providers.


Users can load their CanYa wallet using ERC20 compliant token known as the CanYa coin. CanYa coin is a cryptocurrency used to pay for services on the platform, but people can also use other fiat and traditional payment methods.

CanYa coins

If you are a provider, you can earn CanYa coins for the services you offer on the platform. You can also spend the coin for other services on the app or convert them into currencies and send them to your Ether wallet or Bitcoin. To minimize friction, CanYa offers a zero-fee exchange.

Global marketplace

CanYa offers its users with a global marketplace where they can sell and buy services. The marketplace designed in a way that acts as a true meritocracy. This means the best service providers get exposed to more works, while lower-quality service provider comes at the bottom.

Who is behind CanYa?

CanYa has three co-founders who include CEO John-Paul Thorbjornsen, CTO Rowan Wilson, and CMO Chris Mcloughlin. The three met during their careers with Australian air force. The team got together in 2015 where they envisaged a global marketplace where people could sell and buy services with an emphasis on quality. The team expects to launch its platform globally by March 2018.



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