What is Burstiq?

Burstiq (BIQ)



Over the last decade, health-related technologies are on the rise. From personal health trackers to electronic health records to population health management tool and low-cost genome sequencing, the health-related technology has experienced an explosion never seen before. Currently, data from all the above sources are soiled. View and analyzed are separately done or suing cursory integration. However, Burstiq wants to usher a new era of health. A new era which healthcare is customized to individual specifications.

What is Burstiq?

Busrtiq (BIQ) is a health singularity. It is a platform and a marketplace for health, care and life. Data is the currency of Burstiq as a health singularity platform. The marketplace can be used for primary care, genomics, fitness, for health, data, hospital, pharmacy and for life. The aim of the Burstiq platform is to health its clients bring their health to life.

What makes Burstiq different?

Burstiq combines the power of big data, intelligence, and blockchain. It uses big data capabilities, distributed data security and integrity and collaborative intelligence. Burstiq has solved two fundamental challenges that have prevented blockchain from utilized in healthcare space. The platform solves support for large data and ensures the security of the underlying data. The result is providing a transformational platform that can coordinate and ingest big data across disparate sources, perform near real-time data transactions and manage complex data permission structures.

Platform features and services

Burstiq offers three features and services to its members. They include:


Burstiq ecosystem enables partnerships, collaborations, relationships and marketplaces to be formed. Using the healthwalletTM, Burstiq powers marketplaces, secure sharing new care models, personalized welled plans and secure research networks. Users can buy, sell, donate and lone data at the same time maintain strict compliance with security and permission rules.


The lifegraphTM feature brings together all of your health data in one place. Individual lifegraphsTM exist within the network and the global population network, lifegraphTM help individual to understand the program, own their personal data and share it with anyone they want. They can manage their data using smart contracts.


BurstchainTM is a secure blockchain platform for managing large and complex health data sets. The platform provides seamless sharing, secure data storage, advanced security protocol, end-to-end data rights management and an indisputable chain of custody.


Burstiq is led by Frank Ricotta (CEO), Bryan Jackson (operation), Tyson Henry (data science) and Jeff Webb the platform architecture among others. Burstiq was founded in 2015 after Frank participated in 10.10.10 health as a prospective CEO.

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