What is Burstcoin?



Meet the new innovative green currency for developers, investors, Main Street, entrepreneurs and founders, the Burstcoin. Burst is the future of money, stocks and money generation. It Is a computer-based platform that is capable of doing more than current cryptosystems. Burst is a sales platform, financial platform and a stock market with a future of the way it views money. It is a Bitcoin, but vastly improved over other bitcoins and has more to offer than other Bitcoin. The system itself is secure and safe and has a nicer user-friendly interface.

BURST is a form digital cryptocurrency that works in a decentralized platform, which means that the control is in the people rather than a single authority. BURST allows people all over the world to transfer to no central exchange, which is also referred to “Atomic Cross Chain Transfers.” The BURSTCOINs are mined by using the hard drive space of computers.

According to its developers,  BURST is the first crypto that allows direct cross-chain coin transfer, which means as aforementioned before a transaction that does not require a central exchange. In accordance with recent news about cryptocurrencies, BURST is the busiest working platform; this had led a lot of crypto enthusiasts to see the crypto’s potential.

How BURST works?

The cryptocurrency is also referred as the “Proof Of Space,” since it allows anyone to mine BURSTCOINs (have corresponding USD value) by making use of the space in their hard drives for the mining procedure. This platform is also considered the most GREEN crypto, which means that it is not power-hungry.

A lot of crypto experts have also recognized the crypto’s Eco-friendly feature. Users are allowed to collaborate on its busy discussion forums, where they can tag along with coders, experts, and developers of any blockchain technology related. The developers have added, that the BURST is a decentralized blockchain technology at the people’s fingertips.

Burst Features

Burst has three main features in the platform. The features include:


Burst has a decentralized underlying network for transactions. Burst has over 1500 full nodes while Bitcoin currently has 6200 full nodes, NXT has 280 full nodes and Ethereum has over 10000 full nodes.

Proof of capacity

Burstcoin verifies transactions on the platform uses the unique and advanced Proof of Capacity green algorithm. All you need to have is a free space on your device to mint your coin and then contribute to the network. The POC is designed to favor small miners.

Smart contracts

Via a technology called Automated Transaction, the burst has been able to include Smart Contracts in his system. The smart contracts allow for decentralized trustless and commission free Lotteries and Crowdfunding among many other use cases.

Today there are only large companies run the vast majority of the network. The companies take a fraction of the power of Bitcoin mining because of the way mining works.

Burstcoin is naturally able to stay more decentralized because of the way the mining process works. Burstcoins are available to anyone with the needs of purchasing them at all. All you need to have Burstcoin is to mine them yourself using the free space on your computer.

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