What is Bulwark?

Bulwark (BWK)




Bulwark is a privacy-oriented digital currency with master nodes implemented. The platform offers both instantSend and privateSend to enable speedy transactions with Masternodes and Seesaw Staking reward balancing mechanism to promote strong network security after the Proof of Work Phase. The Bulwark Proof of Work is 12 months of which it will produce approximately 14 million coins. The team behind the platform and the BWK coin is actively looking for ways to expand their exchange footprint and anticipate increased liquidity and broader distribution as the coins mature. So what makes Bulwark the token ad platform different from other cryptocurrencies platforms? The features.

Bulwark features

  • Master nodes: the Masternodes on the platform help secure the Bulwark network. All the operation of the network is operated using the Masternodes. Users can use Masternodes operators and receive a portion of PoS and POW block in rewards.
  • Proof of Stake: after the use of Proof of Work Phase, the network uses the Proof of Stake where it employs See-Sam rewards Mechanic. The process promotes a healthy split of coins that are being staked and used for Masternodes operations by making them attractive options for coin holders.
  • Low circulation supply: Bulwark has a circulation of 14 million coins which is said to grow to over 27 million for the next five years. The coin supply continues to increase by at least 561k coins per year thereafter.
  • Proof of Work: the Bulwark uses an accelerated Proof of Work phase. The Phase enables a rapid and broad distribution of coins to involved members.

The exchanges BWK is available on

BWK can be found on more than one exchange platforms. The team is expanding their footprints to increased liquidity and broader distribution. In addition, the exchange operators, BWK is discussing the addition of the coin to welcome other communication.

Bulwark uses the NIST5 algorithm as opposed to Equihash or Ethash, which are loved by other platforms. The use of NIST5 provides balanced rewards to Nvidia and AMD mining hardware. It also promotes a fair distribution to mining rig operators, regardless of the type of hardware used. NIST5 is highly secure and energy efficient.

About the BWK team

The team that is currently working on Bulwark (BWK) include Eatbatterys, project coordinator, Jack, marketing Director, Serfy, development lead, Stu, co-developers, Patrick, Brand, and design. Team members on the platform use the username and other makes instead of the real names.


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