What is BridgeCoin?

BridgeCoin (BCO)



BridgeCoin is the first-ever platform to bridge the gap between various cryptocurrencies in terms of price discovery, liquidity, scaling and arbitrage. The platform is developed by a highly dedicated international team of developers. The developer has several years of experience in financial and crypto sectors. To get started with BridgeCoin, you need to download the wallet and node software by choosing your system. The wallet is available for Windows, macOS and GitHub sources.

The downsides of centralized exchanges

Many centralized exchanges have several single points of failure. Some of the failures include thefts, performance issues, regulative restrictions and takedowns, market manipulation and hardware failures. This is the same issues BridgeCoin wants to solve and offer its token holder a better, secure and transparent coin and platform.

BridgeCoin specifications

BridgeCoin specifications are as follows:

Mining algorithm: scrypt

Total coins: 27 million

Block reward: 256 coins, halving every month

Block time: 60 seconds

Difficulty retarget: 10 blocks

Default port: 6333, RPC port 6332

Advantages of BridgeCoin platform and currency

BridgeCoin currency and platform have many benefits to token holders. Token holders have access to 50% of all profits from a decentralized exchange CryptoBridge. CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange under development. The exchange utilizes a high-performance, scalable blockchain. 50% all profits distributed by the exchanged goes to BridgeCoin token holders. Other advantages of BridgeCoin platform and currency include:

  • BridgeCoin gives priorities to a decentralized exchange, convertibility and high liquidity, price discovery, and arbitrage.
  • Skillful coding and powerful community support that ensures the long-term success of BridgeCoin.
  • Multi-platform support, fast transaction, and guaranteed scaling represent the initial technical requirement of the platform.

How does BridgeCoin token holder benefit from CryptoBridge decentralized exchange?

After the launch of the CryptoBridge decentralized exchange, owner of BridgeCoin (BCO) and who are participating on the ICO will receive 50% of all the profits. The 50% profits they receive comes from:

  • Profit from internal arbitrage
  • Referral program
  • Coin sign up
  • Trading fees.

Until the full launch, BridgeCoin owners will not receive the profit until the exchange is operational.

The BridgeCoin token (BCO)

The BridgeCoin token, BCO was launched in July 2017. Already over 27 million coins are mined and the mining is open to everyone since day one. The advantages of the BCO token is not an ICO scam, not subjected to takedowns and no pre-mining of the token. BCO holder can also earn from staking their coins on CryptoBridge trading profits.


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