What is Bread?

Bread (BRD)




The crypto industry is experiencing a massive influx of people these days. The industry is experiencing people who are completely new to the industry. There are many crypto sites that are experiencing an unprecedented amount of signups. However, users face problems when they want to go beyond ether, bitcoin, and Litecoin. Some of the solution available works well for tech-savvy users and crypto enthusiasts expect but others don’t. Bread is a solution to UI problems that Buterin addresses. The Platform offers users a crypto wallet, which is designed to be simple to use. Moreover, the bread aims to have the highest level of security needed for holding crypto assets.

The Bread token

The Bread (BRD) platform uses the BRD token as its foundation. The BRD token is a utility token which is somewhat opaque. According to the whitepaper, the BRD as a reward program which is the central piece in the utility of BRD. All token holder gets exclusive access to premium features on the Bread App. The BRD token is an ERC20 compatible token.


The project App ICO started on Friday 15th December 2017. Users can buy their BRD token during the ICO period. The pre-sale ended and a maximum bonus of 20% was given to users. The project offers 106 million BRD token to users and fixed the total supply of BRD at 160 million.

How the crowdsale works

Bread’s crowdsale works in a way that benefits both users and developers of the platform. A total of $32 million others and 12 Million was raised during the presale. In short, the crowd-sale went on for 8 days and a cap of $20M was reached. The token price during for crowdsale was 1 Eth = 9000 BRD.

The Bread Rewards

It has rapidly expanded into all aspects of the worldwide finance. They launched the first-ever wallet that is based on a rewards program and built on the bread token BRD. The tokens are used to unlock the long list of perks for users on the platform. Using the Bread program, users can enjoy sequential tiers of complementary, discounts or exclusive access to premium features.

It is stated in the whitepaper, “The Bread Rewards program will be built around the Bread token, which users can utilize to unlock special perks and discounts in the Bread app.”

The Bread core team consists of CEO Adam Traidman, President Aaron Voisine, CMO Aaron Lasher, CTO Samuel Cutch, CPO James MacWhyte and CRO Brent Traidman. The team has a range of experience from having multiple startups and successful exits to show for.

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