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Bowhead Health (AHT)


Wouldn’t it be amazing for research doctors to have anonymous medical records for their research processes? Making medical records open for sharing will save at least 100,000 lives in a year, according to Larry Page, co-founder of Google. To adhere to Larry’s calling, Bowhead has made it available for the first ever medial instrument that is powered but the blockchain technology. The instrument Behead device offers real-time biometrics tests in a smarter dispenser. The project is secure, convenient and personal.

Benefits of Bowhead

The bowhead device has various benefits. The benefit that stands out from the rest, is the ability to optimize your health using the device. Users using the blockchain based device can optimize their health. The global health supplements market is $2000B/per year. Bowhead introduces a personalization of everything that includes your health issues.

Bowhead Health Video Explanation

Bowhead features and benefits

Aside from fast, convenient, secure, and personal, here are the features that make Bowhead special.

Full Health Data Control:

First, you can decide, who, when, where, what and how organizations and individuals interact with your health data including who accesses them.

Roadmap for health:

Bowhead gives users the advantage of tracking their test results and receive expert health advice.

Anonymized patient Data:

Whether you want to lease your health data anonymously to research. The process is secured by smart contracts.

A Friendly Reminder:

It helps users to stay on top of their supplement and vitamin schedule by giving them timely notifications.

Expert Insights:

Unlock a community of Naturopathic and medical doctor and wellness coaches using the Bowhead device.

360 degrees of health data:

The Bowhead devices receive data from remote test kits, qualitative data and at-home test kits via easy to use surveys.

The Bowhead device and how it works?

The device is connect to the internet. It helps in monitoring individual health at home and also secure resources that can be used by healthcare professionals to cure or offer timely advice for people in need of health direction and attention. To be able to use the Bowhead device, you need to provide a blood prick or saliva sample which is placed on the test cartridge, then follow the instructions by reading them. It offers their Anonymized health Token in their ICO. The token which is the AHT token is the utility token on the Bowhead Health platform.

In addition it is led by Dr. Rhea Mehta, who is the CEO and chairman Dr. Francisco Diaz-Mitoma. Saul Ibaven Bueno is the CTO and Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr the head of product.

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