What is Boosto?




Developers and influencer are some of the people behind the success of the blockchain technology. However, most of them have the blockchain based platform that works in their favor. With Boosto, influencers and developer can provide and use a decentralized app. What is Boosto and why is it important for developers and influencers to use it?

What is Boosto?

Boosto is an influencer driven, decentralized app store. According to the official Boosto website, the platform “provides a protocol for creating a decentralized application that acts like an entire ecosystem and allows developers and companies to build DApps that directly interact with individual influencers, influencer’s networks, social media platforms and brands with consumers, services, companies and much more.” Boosto has two section, Boosto for developer and Boosto for influencers.

Boosto for developer allows developers to access APIs and SDKs and allow influencers to choose DApps from the marketplace and deploy to their stores. For influencer, they can pick the DApps and deploy them to interact with their fans. Influencers can also user DApp to digitize their time, limited edition products, art piece and much more.


There are four main features lists on the official website. They include:

  • A powerful development framework that provides API, SDK and Oracle services
  • Social DApp store that connects social media users and developers
  • Customizable influencer DApp store with building smart contracts
  • A trading platform for actionable collectibles and influencer coins.

Boosto structure

Boosto is made up of different parts. Some of its parts are:

Boosto protocol

The Boosto protocol provides development framework, including Oracle services for developers. The framework allows developers to develop DApps. Influencers also power the marketing for developer via the framework and get the revenue share.

Maker/developer community

The makers on the platform are limited to their imagination in any platform. Boosto helps talented developers use their creativity and head towards financial prosperity by transforming the DApps to a decentralized app store.

Creator/influencer community

Using the creator/influencer community, real talents that deserve to rise to the top have the opportunity to do so. Boosto provides personalized apps to influencers to allow them to monetize their talents directly to the fans. They also have the opportunity to take control over their destiny.


Boosto is led by CEO Heidi Yu. Yu is a serial entrepreneur and an MBA graduate of Seattle University. Chen Wang is the CTO is the platform, Rock Zhang, head of product, Adam Charles, Marketing manager and Reza Bakhshandeh, token design Architect. The team comprises a team of advisors and investors.

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