What is Bookira?

Bookira (BKT)


Bookira (BKT) is a product created by the Delta International Investments Limited in conjunction with the Bookeo Pty Ltd. the Bookeo Pty Ltd is a company that has his headquarters in Australia. Bookira is an innovative technology-driven solution for the expanding online ticketing and traveling industry.  The co-founder Richard G Brown and the CEO Michael Siegel hopes to solve the many problems that the online travel and ticketing industry go through, with the introduction of the BKT token, Bookira can be able to manage and maintain the platform.

The Bookira token

Bookira token (BKT) is fully integrated into the blockchain. The integration is to enable transparency. The integration of the Ethereum Blockchain technology, BKT will provide crucial benefits that will improve the travel and ticketing industry. It will make the industry secured and equipped to offer best practices.

What can token holder do with BKT?

Holders of the BKT tokens can perform different functions with it. Some of the functions that they can perform using the BKT includes:

You can keep BKT token and receive dividends. At the end of the year, 25% of the distributable BKT token is transferred to the Ethereum wallet that contains a smart contract. The ETH is then distributed to all token holders according to smart contract conditions.

You can use the BKT token to receive dividends, but you have to make sure the tokens are stored in an Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC20 compliant tokens. Users can use the Mist, MetaMask or myEtherWallet as they wait for the Bookira wallet for each user.

Token holders can still receive immediate profits by selling their BKT token after the ICO. Bookira has already contacted top crypto exchanges to allow the BKT to be listed on the exchanges for trading. Tokens are released on the Ethereum blockchain and made available for transfers and trader almost immediately.

Bookira main features

To provide users with the highest level of efficiency and the greatest degree of security, Bookira uses a state-of-the-art technology stack. For security reasons, Bookira does not reveal the full setup of the systems, but it reveals its key features and describe in general how some of its modules interact with each other. Some of its features include its partners, accounts, and transactions. All the features help the Bookira project to establish a better platform. The BKT token is the fuel for the platform. It can be used to perform almost all the services and function on the platform.

The project is no longer live

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