What is Bluzelle?

Bluzelle (BLZ)




Dapp developers are using traditional cloud-based databases to build the world’s next apps and to power them. The process if like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Bluzelle is a cryptocurrencies platform that is building a trusted blockchain tech for enterprise-level businesses. The aim of Bluzelle is to solve a huge infrastructure need for DApp developers. The platform combines the token economy with the sharing economy and also rent individual computer storage space to help them earn tokens. Dapp developers can use the token they earn to have Dapp’s data stored and managed.

Bluzelle features

With the platform aiming to enable people to rent out computer storage space to earn tokens. Bluzelle have three core future, which makes the platform a better place for dApp developers. These features include

Boundless scaling ability

Using algorithm, Bluzelle stores data in a unique network model. The model is able to scale database services instantly and does not depend on data centers like other algorithms.

Dynamic performance

Bluzelle uses dynamic performance to adjust the location and number of nodes sharing. The process increases the overall performance of the platform and reduces request time.

Reliable swarm technology

Bluzelle stores tiny pieces of data on groups of swarms (nodes) across the globe eliminating all points of failure. The swarm technology helps the platform even better.

Bluzelle token

Bluzelle uses the BLZ token, which is the symbol of their token. There will also be another token, the BNT token. The BNT will be used by the network and users will need to trade BLZ from BNT. The use of BLZ and BNT is that the same as GAS and ETH. BLZ will be traded, transferred and bought using ETH and other currencies. The reason Bluzelle has two tokens in because of their Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens which are expensive and slower for real-time database accounting. BNT enables zero-cost, high-speed and real-time database accounting, whereas BLZ allows users to obtain access the Bluzelle services in a fast and easy way.

Bluzelle team

The Bluzelle team includes software engineers and some notable advisors like Gil Penchina, Brian Fox, and Prashant Malik. Gil is a business advisor, Brain, open source Advisor and Prashant Database advisor. The CEO of the platform is Pavel Bains, CTO Neeral Murarka and Nitin Cunha the senior developer.

Bluzelle presents itself as an oracle of new blockchain based ecosystem. It provides software and dApp developers with a scalable, low-cost, high performance, immutable and decentralized platform thanks to the blockchain technology.


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