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Are you looking to invest in a platform that acts as the power of economics to floating cities? Blue Frontiers is such a platform. According to the official website the platform aim at building sustainable floating islands with governing frameworks that are unique. The platform work on societal innovations to provide a solution after they secure a special legal framework from partner governments and allow centralization. Also, they work on making land and offer even better and cheaper floating technology for sustainability and new practices.

In 2017, Blue Frontiers made a significant progress inhabit to realize its sea stead vision by signing an agreement with the French Polynesia government to understand a set of economic, legal studies and environmental studies to help and determine the feasibility of sustainable seasteads in the waters. With the support of other partners including Blue21, the Dutch aquatic architecture firm, the company was able to prepare a practical plan on how to build the first-ever seasteads.

What the Blue Frontiers what to achieve?

The Blue Frontiers Mission is to create ecologically floating habitats, blockchain based societal tools and special legal frameworks. The aim is to design and integrate these the above in a bid to reinforce them.

Blue Frontiers are:

Environmentally responsible: the team believes that environmental externalities should be accounted for and technologies formed that can make a responsible choice.

Mindful of others: Blue Frontiers care how what they do affect others, whether it’s their customers and the community in general. They put themselves in the shoes of other people to be able to forge a mutually beneficial relationship between them and their customers or the community

Ideologically neutral: the company leaves up to what they promise their customers. As written on the official website, they “try what they think works best to accomplish the things which matter most to them. We only set the stage for people to have the flexibility to try their innovative ideas from across the ideological spectrum”.

The Varyon project

With the aim of Blue frontiers being developing floating cities, they have begun with the pilot project which is the Varyon. The aim of the Varyon project is to be as the power transaction that the company will use for seasteads projects. The company will transact exclusively in the Varyon for all the goods and services related to seasteads projects. This may include the purchase of consumer goods and property, the registration and operating costs and tourist-focused accommodation and hospitality services among other things.

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