What is Blocktix?

BlockTix (Tix)


The ticketing industry is growing each day. Given the fact the industry generates trillions of dollars each year. It is clear that there is much that is needed to be achieved to increase even further profits. The inclusion of the event ticketing system such as BlockTix is both impervious to fraud and economical. BlockTix is a decentralized event ticketing platform that was developed with an aim of offering a permanent solution to event management agencies worldwide. The Ethereum-based platform uses the blockchain technology to transfer ticket ownership information is an efficient, effective and safe manner.

What is Blocktix?

Blocktix (TIX) is an Ethereum based platform that can be utilized by event hosting companies and individuals planning to distribute, advertise and transfer ownership of event passes and tickets. The platform combines on-chain ticket distribution, an incentivized advertising network and a trustless p2p ticket exchange to create a single source event hosting platform. The platform created will have a dramatic effect on the event hosting industry, it will reduce distribution, create real-time accessibility for concert goers, reduce promotion and transfer cost to 90% and help concert goers to instantly access tickets. The improvements are meant to enhance the experience of ticket purchase for concert attendees and amplify the ability of event host to profit.

The Blocktix platform is used as a platform that changes the way the world thinks about decentralizes systems. Many people are not yet ready for a decentralized system and specifically the consequence that comes with them. Immutability of blockchain and the fact that transactions are not done well haunts the blockchain industry. Until the issues are taken care off and solutions found, there will be increased theft and loss of funds. The Blocktix platform visions is to solve the problem and find a lasting solution.

Humans are bound to make mistakes, it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s uncontrollable. For instance, Bitcoin network doesn’t process irregular transactions. This technique does not benefit a range of capabilities Ethereum provide. A different approach needs to be adapted to solve this issue that what Blocktix do. It provides solutions for a range of capabilities that Ethereum provide. Its vision is to make smart contracts more secure by coming up with static standards templates like ticket contracts in combination with interfaces that are user-friendly. This reduces the number of possible errors.

Blocktix is an avid technologist with the passion for blockchain technology. It wants to promote the use of the platform and its services and much as possible. Since the smart contracts are complex an average number of computer users, Blocktix is using their platform to make thing easy for average computer users.

BlockTix is led by CEO Rob Schins. Schins has a great deal of experience in the cryptocurrency field. He previously worked for Vodafone, data$ Information technology, and Blockcoin. Ryno Mathee is the CTO, Gerlof van Ek, chief designer, James Campbell, developer, Marshall Hayner, advisor and Bojan Malesevic, project assistant.

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