What is Blockstack?

Blockstack (LLC)



Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps. It is a new internet built on blockchain technology where users can own their data and apps. The platform was developed for 3+ years/ the main difference between other internet and other Blockstack is that user’s apps and data run locally. It is designed to combat biggest problems in the modern internet, like insecure connections, data breaches and lack of security over your personal information.

Blockstack features

  • Identity: with Blockstack, you get a digital key that lets you own a unique identity. You can sign in to apps locally without identity providers or remote servers.
  • Storage: The storage system of Blockstack allows users to bring their storage providers and identity. Data is easily shared and encrypted between applications
  • Tokens: Blockstack also uses BTC and other cryptocurrencies from simple P2P payments, developers can also charge for subscriptions, downloads and much more.

Why is Blockstack important?

Blockstack is a cryptocurrency designed to fight back against the biggest problems on the internet. Some of the reasons why Blockstack is vital to include:

Insecure connections: traditional apps do not provide secure connections. Blockstack plans to introduce a platform that will offer secure connections. Many trusted services and reliance on third-party servers make other servers less safe but Blockstack is much safer.

Platform Lock-in: Blockstack doesn’t use digital keys for authentication and identity. The digital keys used traditional apps are owned by the large monopoly platform. This means developers and users are forced to use these platforms, with Blockstack, users can use the platform only if they want to.

Massive data breached: Blockstack hopes to solve the mobile data breaches available in other apps.

Featured apps on Blockstack

Some of the apps featured on the Blockstack platform include:

  • Guild: a blogging network that users can own contents they create and share their favorite one with others,
  • Afia: Afia app gives individuals the power to manage and own their personal health records. You can keep your data health safe.
  • OpenBazzar: this app offers users a different way to do business online. It’s a P2P application that does not require a middleman.

Other apps featured on the platform include Casa and Ongaku Ryoko.

About Blockstack

Blockstack can be installed on your device and used by joining the waitlist. Enter your email address and you will be added to their waitlist.  The platform is an open source project with developers located worldwide. There are more than 5800 community developers across the globe.


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