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Many people would like to engage in the cryptocurrency trading, but the complex crypto space has made it difficult for many people to start trading. The solution to this problem and building a user-friendly crypto exchange that combines social trading with a hybrid-decentralized architecture to help people trade crypto assets safely and securely. This is exactly what Blockport is all about. The Blockport platform is a trading platform designed for both beginners and advanced traders. The platform offers a place where people with no prior crypto trading knowledge or experience is required.

How does the Blockport platform?

The Blockport trading Platform allows users to first buy cryptocurrencies and access them through their personal dashboard instantly. After buying the cryptocurrencies all that users need to do is the watch and follow experienced traders and their platform, copy their moves. Once you get confident enough by learning from other traders and getting the needed experience and browse through the list of trader available, you can start trading yourself and earn tokens as rewards.


Trade on multiple exchanges: the trading platform is connected to multiple crypto exchanges. The multiple exchanges allow you to benefit from crypto markets in one single dashboard. Once you initiate a trade, the trading engine finds the best prices and distribute your order across other exchanges.

Blockchain roadmap

The Blockport blockchain based trading platform team was consolidated and the initial vision initiated into a workable plan in Q3 of 2017. The Whitepaper was released in Q4 together with the start of community building and the development and audit of the token sale contracts.

The platform is planning a Private pre-sale in the Q1 of 2018, the token sale started on January 3rd and lasted for 14 days. Only participants who completed the whitelisting process participated. The official crowdsale is set for 24th January 2018 and will last for 36 days. The crowdsale will also be accessible to those who completed the whitelisting process on their website. Other plans are listed on the website.

Blockport team

The team behind the trading platform includes a team of experts and advisory among others. The core team consists of Zowie Langdon, Chief Technology, and the advisory team includes Johannes de Jong, who is also the Head of Regulatory at Osborne Clarke.

The Token

The Blockport platform uses the BPT token, a standard Ethereum powered token which can be used for social trading functionalities and discounted trading fees within the platform. The token is an ERC20 token that user need to buy to participate in the platform trading and acquire other services.

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