Blocknet (Block)



Blocknet (BLOCK) is a decentralized platform that enables micro-services such as apps’ features, and functions work peer-to-peer, which means that there will be no need for app users to download large multi-purpose blockchain just to gain access to a single service, which the app provides.


One of the reasons why crypto enthusiasts like about BLOCK are its unmatched scalability, which does not require an increased required memory just to get more apps work on devices. It makes simpler apps, which leads to development ease and immediate update deployment.


How BLOCK works?


Blocknet allows browser and any other form of apps to directly get connected with other apps on computers and on phones, which produces the capacity to provide the services to the users, this saves on memory being used up compared if the device were consuming the power from a single source.


The users will be able to use the app like any traditional app, but there will no central authority that will own the data, which means that there will be no servers that are hack potential. In the simpler sense, BLOCK helps to provide a network with no single point of failure.

Blocknet video explanation

The network is rather crowdsourced, as aforementioned before data will be produced from other phone and computer users across the globe, it’s a stable platform that is safe, secure and straightforward to use.


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