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Blockchains are becoming the future of world economy. What makes them become the future of the economy is the fact that it gives users more control and security of their finances. One blockchain that users can use to transact securely with large amounts of money is the BlockMason. The BlockMason is a decentralized Ethereum-based platform for your Ethereum public address, BlockMason provides a world-class decentralized program on the blockchain. Users can create and settle debts between friends in the blockchain.

BlockMason tools and features

The Block mason blockchain offers a number of features that users can enjoy when trading on the platform. The features include:

Friend in Debt

A Friend in Debt is a feature that offers a jurisdiction agnostic social platform where users can create and settle debts with acquaintances on the blockchain. The feature combines the power of credit extension through trusted friends, long-term debt tracking, and social networking to build an application that enables a more flexible and complex array of financial interaction. The interaction can be possible only with limited spot-settlement applications such as Alipay and Venom or with existing Ethereum wallets.

Credit protocol

Credit protocol is another tool that makes BlockMason a great blockchain. Until recently, people used to move money on the blockchain in form of cash. Bitcoin democratized the storage and transfer of the money. On the other hand, Ethereum democratized the creation and storage of monetary contracts. With credit, Protocol helps the blockchain take the next logical decentralized economy step. With credit protocol, the blockchain democratizes currency creation through permanently recorded debt and credit obligations.

Blockmason benefits

The benefits that BlockMason blockchain provides can’t be compared to other blockchains. Users get to enjoy:

  • Revolution in the credit system in bitcoin. Through their credit protocol, records of credits and debt owed between two parties are permanently saved.
  • All information stored on the ledger is easily accessible to all addresses linked to the same foundation ID
  • Unlike the ENS platform, BlockMason foundation ID works to resolve numerous protocol to a single ID.

There have been a number of blockchains platform, but BlockMason offers the best services so far. It has features that are different from other platforms and beneficial to users. The team comprises of Jared Bowie, the founder and Timothy Galebach and Michael Chin, cofounders. Jared has been designed systems for years, whereas Michael has spent his entire career in the credit industry and Tim is a startup founder, business development specialist and technical expert.

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