What is BlockCDN?





BlockCDN is an intelligent deployment software that is based on the open source squid and the combination of the P2P and SDK technology. Based on the smart Ethereum system, BlockCDN allows unused broadband share idle network devices and upload traffic. The CDN system is distributed with smart contracts that specify CDN mining, CDN trading market and smart contract settlement in one. The BlockCDN also allows a user of the unused broadband to share idle network devices and upload higher profit traffics without additional enhancement. It provides cheaper, faster CDN and multi-node services for websites that need to be accelerated.

The benefits of BlockCDN?

BlockCDN offers the ser a chance to make profits. Unemployed equipment becomes a CDN distributor. Mobile phones, STB, and PC can be stocked to return. Some of the benefit to enjoy include:

  • Supernode completes smart scheduling
  • A video, online games, and other industries will significantly reduce the cost of CDN.
  • Smart contracts run automatically. Transparent and open blockchain ledger, sellers and buyers are automatically matched and the price strength is given back to the market.
  • Global and unlimited nodes.

The BCDN token

The BCDN token plays a key role in the ecosystem. The token is mainly used for:

  • BlockCDN system circulation reception.
  • A CDN is required to purchase traffic in the BlockCDN network.
  • Revenue receipts for distributors who have unused broadband.

BlockCDN uses the BCDN token in all its operations. The BCDN token can be acquired through crowdfunding trading. Users can store the token in their wallets after getting them. For website owners that require acceleration, they need to input the domain name and accelerated traffic and the number of BCDN tokens in the platform. Node distributer on the other hand need to obtain BCDN token by uploading accelerated traffic, which is subject to smart contracts blocks.


The BlockCDN ICO successfully came to a close recently. The network plans to launch follow-up, team expansion, marketing and other work. Around 48 million BDCN token were sold during the ICO. Early birds enjoyed a 15% bonus which was available on August 15 and 16. The main token sale also came to a close, it was open from 30 August 2017. 130 million tokens went to initial investors during the pre-ICO. 50 million for storing which is 5% and another 20 million, which is 2% was kept aside for taxes and other things. The number of BCDN tokens available is 1 billion and it will never increase.



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