What is BlockCat?



As the blockchain evolves, the need for more sophisticated cryptocurrencies continues to grow. Most cryptocurrencies are trying to further decentralize their currencies to continue to crop up. Blockchain presence has made it possible for people to move money using the internet without any trust. BlockCAT is a cryptocurrency platform that uses smart contracts to execute computer-related tasks that can be done autonomously without fearing external tampering. BlockCAT allows people to manage, create and deploy smart contracts with a few clicks. The takes place on the Ethereum blockchain and no programming is needed for this.

Features of BlockCAT


All smart contracts on the BlockCAT system are thoroughly tested and audited by security experts to offer all users and everyone a safer platform. The feature also minimizes the risk of any intruders or hackers accessing the user account.


With just a few clicks, you can build your own smart contracts in seconds or deploy pre-built ones.


Programmers are expensive. To make smart contracts affordable, BlockCAT make professionally-made smart contracts that are affordable to everyone.

In the future, any using the project smart contracts can benefit from:

  • Effortless smart contract creation
  • Design customer contracts that meet users’ needs
  • Transfer funds globally and automatically
  • Use desktop and mobile interface to manage contracts
  • Combine or chain multiple contracts to build out a business payment model
  • Secure business deals
  • Users can develop and sell their smart contracts in the BlockCAT decentralized marketplace
  • Transfer verification among other things.

BlockCAT applications

The smart contracts can be used in various applications including:

  • Making entrepreneurs accountable for the funds they use. This increases accountability of project creators and makes investors more confident in investing in projects.
  • Using smart contracts as polls, BlockCAT can be used to eliminate threats faced by traditional centralized polling systems and make the process more transparent. The system operated autonomously and there is a little risk of the results being manipulated.
  • BlockCAT smart contracts ensure the entire auction process is monitored and both parties meet their end of the bargain.
  • BlockCAT smart contracts can also be used for purchasing things online. Both buyers and sellers uphold to their agreement when users use BlockCAT.

The BlockCAT smart contract technology makes things easier for anyone to migrate from one cryptocurrency and another.  The security measures put in place by the team ensures that all information in the system. Everything is safe from manipulation. Due to the presence of smart contracts like BlockCAT smart contracts, digital transactions have been made easier.

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