What is Block Array?

Block Array (ARY)




Block Array is a blockchain based platform that brings the power of the blockchain to your business. It is a startup focused on creating integrated stacks from protocol layer to the front-end for business and individuals that needs to adapt to blockchain based technology. The core concepts of Block Array include:

  • XONS (extensible object name service
  • BDI (Blockchain data Interchange
  • APCIS a GS1 standard for sharing and creating visibility event-driven data across businesses
  • ELD Mandate a law enacted in the US requiring truck drivers to have an electronic logging device that will replace paper longs by the year 2020.

Features and benefits of Block Array                                                                                                          

The Block Array platform can be used from certifying daily logs to proving detention payouts that you are entitled to. It is able to perform all these with the power of the Ethereum and the Bitcoin block chains. Some of the features and benefits of Block Array include:

Chain proof: the integrated stack of the Block Array allows logistics companies to leverage the power of the blockchain technology with having to deploy their own blockchain.

ELF devices: the Block Array uses the ELD system in which trucking companies are required to maintain their records for hours of service. They are required to do so by the law.

Detention payouts: a truck driver is entitled to detention payouts once they arrive where they are supposed to and the cargo is not ready to be loaded.

Use cases

Proof of Logging

Whenever a truck driver works, they can certify their day’s logs for a 24-hour period using the system. The system takes information and anchors it to the Ethereum and bitcoin blockchain. The information has additional Metadata and that system uses it to automatically link the newly created records as the primary record of the day.

Proof of arrival and departure

Logistic firms can use Block Array mobile app or backend to provide proof of arrival and departure. The record is stored in the blockchain and it is immutable. This assures everyone the driver was there and took possession of shipments at the time they were supposed to.

ARY token and team

Block Array uses the ARY token. Anyone who wants to access and anchor data on the blockchain is required to at least have 1 ARY. 1 ARY can only for use for 1 Truck, you are required to buy more if you exhaust what you have. Block Array is led by Sam, Micah, and Yuri, who have known each other for over ten years.

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