Blackcoin (BLK)




Blackcoin (BLK) is a person to person form of digital currency that works in distributed and in the decentralized public ledger, which is called the Blockchain. It is an alternative to the traditional bank transactions, which can be easily audited and viewed by anyone. In BLK, you are trading anonymously.


What makes the BLK unique compared to other cryptocurrencies is because of its community, where people across the globe have worked tirelessly together to make the BlackCoin one of the top alternative coins in 2014.

Blackcoin video explanation

Facts about Blackcoin

Anonymous. While making the transactions, there’s no need for the users to reveal their identity, there will be no identifying information required to be filed. The BLK’s developers have confirmed that anyone can benefit from their platform, so they perform quicker and low-cost transactions.  


Fast. Compared to banks, which usually compete for transactions in 3-5 business days, which includes weekends. BLK allows you to transfer funds in seconds.


Open source software. The wallet, which is the software is an open source system, it’s safe, and the transactions are audited, which means that sending funds are recorded.


Transparent. Every BLK users are allowed to share bank history, so it makes the platform highly open.


Proof of Stake. Blackcoin allows the users to keep their wallet open source, which means that they can stake and could get from 1% to 8% interest every single year.


Eco-friendly. The platform does not need powerful computation to run, which makes it not a power hungry platform. Its mining software is Eco-friendly and saves a lot of energy.


Low-cost. In contradiction to traditional channels of sending and receiving funds, the Blackcoin platform supports direct transactions from one person to another, which means that no banks or intermediary gets in the way, which can save you from paying costly commission fees.


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