What is BitSwift?

BitSwift (Swift)


BitSwift is a decentralized, open-sourced digital currency. According to Bitswift CEO, Paul Busch, Bitcoin Technology Solutions is driven by a passion for Open Source technologies and their capabilities for cost saving. This is the main aim of Bitswift, to provide technology solutions for individuals and businesses to increase their enjoyment, productivity, and profitability. Using its decentralized digital currency, Bitswift technology solution offers users high-end solutions for every need.

Bitswift use cases


Individuals and businesses can use bit swift to increase sales and productivity. The project is tailored to offer retail solutions to everyone who uses it.


Business owners can give their customers the experience to talk about by integrating the company solution to their business.


Representatives are honest and reliable meaning they can make your technology enjoyable and easy use.

Small and medium business

Small and medium businesses can use the latest technology by implementing them in their business. The product will help reduce the cost of running the business and keep business owners ahead of their competitions.


Medical personnel and other people can use Bitswift to streamline patient workflow process while maintaining integrity and security of their data.

When it comes to legal proceeding and data storage, data security is crucial. Moreover the company offers the highest industry security standards which means all your data and clients will be protected from hackers and loss of data.


Companies can take advantage of Bitswift IT solutions and streamline all their IT processes. The IT solutions from Bitswift are tailored to everybody specifications.


It has four main products on its platform. These products are:

  • Support: where that provides responsive and reputable support to their clients. Users can receive a session key which they can use to establish their remote connection by calling Bitswift.
  • Backup: both individuals and business can use Bitswift backup to protect their personal information and sensitive data.
  • Rewards network: the product uses the networks decentralized model to ensure reliability and stability, but at the same time maintaining transactional performances.
  • Hardware and software: Bitswift supplies, installs, and services laptops, desktops and networking equipment. They are offer software renewals.

Who is behind it?

It has a small but powerful team that includes technology experts who have providing related IT solutions for decades. The solution also partners with the best business to make sure they provide their clients with the best solutions and results. Ben Geiger is a team member of the team and has experience with multinational technology corporations. Other include Patrick Stephens and Paul Busch.

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