What is Bitmark?

What is Bitmark?

Bitmark (BTM)



In today’s world, people can easily tamper with their company reputation to increase sales and profits. Consumers don’t have access to reputable company or individual reputation anytime they want to so their products or services. Bitmark is a powerful decentralized blockchain platform where companies and individuals’ products, and services earn reputable reputation through Marking. Marking is an act that leaves a pink stain that signifies quality and trust. The platform is creating a universal system that gives consumers the right to access services and products with a reputable reputation.

How does Bitmark work?

Since the platform is creating a new system for reputation through a process called marking, Bitmark is also developing the technology where companies and individuals can see and exchange with other users on the platform. Through the Bitmark blockchain, users can have access to quality services and products with a reputation once it gets the pink glow signifying quality and trust.

Features of Bitmark

Bitmark has a variety of features that make the platform a better place for user, service and product reputation. Some of its features include:

DGWv3 Algorithm: Bitmark uses the DGWv3 Algorithm that provides greater stability to the network. It enhances the network with an improved difficult curve.

API: at least, most of the cryptocurrency platforms we know use API. Bitmark also uses the new marking API which allows partners to deploy marking on their platform within hours. For example, it uses the Webcredits an API that is highly scalable and extensible. It enables foo-block marking and micropayments.

Negative marking: this is an optional feature that allows users to decrease services, products, and user’s reputation if they no longer trust them because of the trust and quality provided.

Linked data: Linked data is incorporated into Bitmark to increase its audience by being integrated into web browsers.



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